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Consulting Services  Linda can provide to you

Linda offers consulting services to address a wide variety of needs.  Consulting approaches are recommended following discussion and assessment of  business and corporate challenges, expectations,  and opportunities.  Linda's approach is one of being a catalyst to enable both leaders and teams in increasing their skills, experience, and confidence to leverage their engagements with her into cultural practices in daily operations.  

Cultural Change and Evolution

Mindset and mindfulness are buzz words and concepts that are floating rampantly in today's leadership space.  The truth is that no single mindset can enable an organization to perform optimally.   Mindsets are pivotal to enabling culture, change, and critical transformation for success to be sustainable.  


In practice, a combination of mindsets must work together in forming  a team.  This is an area of Linda's personal thought leadership that she covers extensively in her first book Piloting Your Edge. Since authoring that book over 10 years ago, she has worked with leaders and teams in seeing this approach bring them a renewed sense of clarity. Today,  Linda works with diverse organizations ranging from the mining community to IT, in both the private and public sectors, shaping how they leverage and in real-time, flow between regional, international, and global mindsets.   

Leadership Philosophy

Culture is a dynamic system which includes systems, processes ,attitudes, desires, behaviors, and elements which command focus. Culture often also involves elements that currently are not, yet additionally  should be drawing focus.  Often missing but beyond essential for leaders and organizations is to build mastery in how they  learn, evaluate, and evolve their individual and corporate cultures with daily practices to achieve decisiveness in all engagements.  With this approach cultural success is not achieved randomly by chance; rather it is mastered through constant and deliberate effort.

Most business cultures employ metrics they attach to achieving business top and bottom lines.  Linda's time-proven approach is to build leaders competencies to shape actions and communications as drivers of achieving metrics deliberately.  Given the intensity of today's business operational climate and pace, being deliberate is essential to focus, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Mindset Shaping

Philosophy in and of itself is a concept that is thousands of years old.  That  said, leveraging philosophy to achieve critical results is an art form requiring mastery. Through 20+ years of active duty and 15+ years of  private sector engagement, Linda 's results are proof that  the vast majority of leaders and  teams require coaching on how to build their  individual and corporate philosophies. Through Linda's efforts, philosophy will evolve to a tool and catalyst that can be leveraged in guiding members and entire organizations to clarity and precision in achieving desired results.  

Building Innovation Principles

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Several years ago, Linda was  sought-out and contracted by a foreign war college over a two year period, to lecture on innovation and adoption in war as well as innovation in bureaucracy.  The extensive research and preparation she conducted for these engagements revealed to her the granularity that is missing in how typically  capacity to focus on innovation is shaped. Linda has been since working with organizations to help them take charge of innovation's human dimension. 

Organizations  today are moving more and more toward virtual communication approaches.  Here, a common belief exists that virtual communication is second best whereas in reality, with global reach possible, it is fundamental to success in today's marketplace.  Linda has found that leaders and teams need assistance in mastering the art of virtual communications to be relationship builders, enabling  wide-ranging and comprehensive information flow.  Linda first discovered the capacity of this skill when she launched teams via virtual facilitation which originally were planned to be face-to-face  engagements, only to be cancelled as a result of 9/11.  Now, Linda continually witnesses the fruits leaders experience in this area resulting from  remote one-on-one coaching opportunities and the relief they subsequently enjoy in learning new approaches and skills to virtual management. 

Virtual Communication

The  difference between having strategies and being strategic is often confused.  When operating off a strategic plan, individuals and organizations are in fact, operating tactically and not strategically.  Truly being strategic means evolving the capability readily  to adapt in real time.  Here, planning serves as the foundation to make that jump.  Typically, individuals and corporations  focus their planning in identifying "things" that need to get done to produce key results for the future.  What is almost always missing here in this form of planning is in addressing the human dimension of becoming better thinkers and enablers.  When strategic planning includes these elements, it enables momentum, strategic learning, adaption, adoption and resiliency.

"The time to prepare for an emergency is not when one finds oneself in its midst. In order to lead at the Edge, one must  be primed to do so." 

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