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Services Linda can provide to you


Offering consulting services as a strategic advisor and facilitator in providing growth and just in time solutions for a wide variety and combination of needs.  Linda champions clients in evolving behavior, insights, and solutions that enable unfolding innovation and high impact results to dynamic business scenarios, cultures, and environments.  


Mastery in individual, team, and large scale organizational coaching.  Unmatched experience in coaching virtually and globally, enabling and reaching leaders readily with ease and convenience to adjust and thrive in today's ever changing work environment.  

Speaking engagements are the ideal platform to champion leaders and organizations to think differently and be inspired to take action on things that can change their world immediately.  


Over 10 years ago, Linda was brought in by my employer and assigned as my executive coach. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with and learn from Linda over the years. She is an experienced professional with an incredible amount of knowledge, insight and wisdom. She is an amazing executive coach, a dynamic speaker, and passionate about her work. Linda inspires people at all levels of an organization. I highly recommend Linda, and believe that my time with her shaped and accentuated who I am as a leader today.

Barbara Turner, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Vice President of Human Resources at ASICS America

I have had the privilege of working in collaboration with Linda for nearly 10 Years and have seen her develop and crystalize her thought leadership based on EDGE Performance Mastery. Linda has a unique capacity and presence to engage with executive level leaders and challenge them to crash through their blind spots and limiting mindsets to explore what is possible and influence stakeholders to go beyond their expectations. Her leadership skills have been honed at the EDGE of both military and corporate performance mastery. Her thinking is sharp and her passion for performance is human focused through challenging the comfort zones of leaders and their teams. Linda has an ability to see through clutter and get to the nub of an issue and surface brilliant acuity and insight. She is a hard task master and expects a disciplined approach to creating leadership edge. Her contribution as a thought leader and coach to Executive Acumen graduates is transforming, meaningful and highly valued. I am proud to work with her and call her a friend, colleague and coach for my life.

Greg Loudoun

Founder and CEO at Acumen International

Brisbane, Australia

I was introduced to Linda through an Executive Acumen Program I completed in Australia in 2014. Linda was a key thought leader within the program. Although my first meeting was via a live video conference, I had the pleasure of meeting Linda in person during a trip to the United States in 2013. Linda’s ability to listen deeply, understand my challenges and think through solutions was invaluable to my personal growth and development as an executive. Through one meeting with Linda I came to realize the negative forces contained between each level of our corporate structure. It was evident we required focus on our accountability structure across all positions in the business. Without these, we had what Linda referred to as the “Rubber band effect”. Ultimately our Executive Leadership Team could never focus on the strategic direction of the business as we were constantly pulled back to day to day tactical tasks. All due to a workforce that wasn't taking ownership and understanding of what their key contributing success factors were. Not only did we make this valuable discovery, Linda was instrumental in helping my team and I develop solutions and appropriate actions which we implemented. 

I would highly recommend Linda for any executive or executive team that wants to boost their thinking edge and explore the root causes preventing high level performance outcomes. 

Corey Scott

Managing Director at Ten Group (The Energy Network)

Brisbane, Australia

"The time to prepare for an emergency is not when one finds oneself in its midst. In order to lead at the Edge, one must  be primed to do so." 

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