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Linda's new release on Amazon December 12, 2017 "Perception Power became a #1 International Best Seller in 48 hours

Piloted Activated Now for Courageous Action program in New York December 1, 2017.

November 11, 2017  Received National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) Woman of Achievement Award.  

Global Consultant | Professional Speaker | #1 Best Selling Author | Edge Performance Thought Leader | Test Pilot

                     Passionate about championing leaders to be confident

                            in complex and volatile business environments

In 1996, while Director of the Naval Leader Training Unit, Linda came to understand the intricacies and significance of enabling learning capacity in optimizing operational engagement that yield results. Applying all she experienced from high intensity military operations in which a leader’s split-second decision literally could cost lives or damage to multi-million dollar aircraft, Linda next transformed these learnings to the business sector. She now is a global expert in evolving leaders who are truly proactive and equipped with the tools essential to deal with the business and cultural complexities of our unfolding world. 


In Linda's own words,

     The passion I had for pushing the envelope of technology as a Test Pilot came with me and transformed itself into a passion for pushing the envelope of human spirit and capability.


 It has been exciting for Linda to leverage this passion in helping leaders achieve the skills and confidence necessary to stand out in complex, volatile, and often chaotic environments, pushing to results that astound, inspire, and propel the journey forward in an unfolding story of, as Linda coins it, EDGE PERFORMANCE

     My last several years have emerged into helping organizations adopt the culture necessary to build bridges between human interface and digital transformation. This is an especially volatile environment and to remain competitive, businesses from entrepreneurial start-up to large corporations must be equipped to capture the leading edge of business markets. 

Linda has been the lead coach for large scale initiatives in engaging levels from CEO to the front line supervisor This broad range of coaching  equips Linda to provide insights and examples at every leadership level. Linda is gifted in enabling leaders, teams, and organizations to connect the dots between strategy and action, transforming corporate culture to one of decisiveness and impact at  all levels.

My mission is to build the capacity of leaders and organizations to be confident and decisive when facing volatility and uncertainty, especially when pushing the EDGE

A pioneer of women in aviation; the U.S. Navy's 9th  jet pilot, 3rd  experimental test pilot, and 5th operational squadron commanding Officer.

Linda's new book became an Amazon International #1 Best Seller within 48 hours of release. 

Pre-order on Amazon

Linda being interviewed by World Champion Quarterback Joe Theismann. During the interview Joe praised Linda by saying he was in awe of her experience. 

Linda, in 2003, established Enterprise Coaching of Carlsbad.  She now is celebrating 15+ years of excellence in  professional speaking, global coaching ,and consulting.  

Linda being interviewed by World Champion Quarterback Joe Theismann. During the interview Joe praised Linda by saying he was in awe of her experience. 

Following at interview on set, Linda posing with Kevin Harrington; the Original Shark on Shark Tank, and Forbes Riley; the Queen of Selling on TV.

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