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Coaching Services  Linda can provide to you

Linda’s goal is to empower leaders to face the breadth of challenges of today’s volatile world with courage, ingenuity and strategic focus.  From coaching over a thousand leaders with a breadth of global organizations such as Royal Dutch Shell, ABB, Life Technologies, Acumen International Australia and Defense Logistics Agency, Linda has found that there is an increasing need and hunger for precision approaches to strategic thinking and decisive action. Linda champions her clients to connect the dots between their operational day-to-day and strategy so they are aligned and acting upon the most impactful priorities.  She has extensive experience working with leaders in helping them evolve best practices to optimize their performance for competing priorities, complexities, ambiguities and uncertainties.  


"The time to work on an emergency is not when you are in it.  If you want to truly Lead at the Edge you must prime yourself to do so."   

Linda's Coaching Philosophy

Linda's Coaching Approach

Coaching is foremost to meet a leader where they are and deeply listen. This sets the premise of trust and opens the dialogue to understanding the core challenges and opportunities.  I focus on building the leader’s confidence to make transformational strategic changes for themselves and the greater organization. This is manifested by connecting the dots to broaden a leader’s awareness of their capabilities and circumstances. As such, my coaching style is compassionate, sometimes tough and championing. 

Linda’s approach starts with exploring the real challenges a leader is facing and their personal views of their own work, leadership style and desired future.  Her approach is to look through three lenses in the process; specifically, the lenses of the individual leader, the strategic needs of the organization and the practices of the respective industry at large.  This sets the foundation for discussions of meaningful, high leverage development.  Linda views the coaching process as a multi-dimensional opportunity for the leader and organization to realize just-in-time development and cultural enhancement as well as to build strong awareness and practices.  Ultimately, Linda  facilitates her clients in strategic learning and to champion their challenges to success so they can continue their learning success on their own beyond their coaching for their full career.  Her style is compassionate with easy dialogue that has the needed push to hold focus and accountability and the softness to listen deeply.

Large Scale Coaching Initiatives

Leader Development Coaching

Linda has been the Lead Coach for large scale coaching initiatives which have coached over 4000 leaders with measurable results.  She has mentored program managers in establishing 

 large scale coaching.  Linda believes that large scale coaching is most effective with a small vested team of coaches to enable capacity to connect the dots throughout the organization.   For large organizations, Linda believes that large scale coaching is best accomplished virtually to enable global reach, scheduling flexibility, maintaining consistency of  approach, and ready access to the best professional coaching team for the organization's development objectives. 

Group coaching can be very effective to creating accountability and also learning environments tailored for a specific focus.  Building virtual teams and coaching is one of the areas where Linda is finding that there is a growing need.  With geographic dispersion of leaders and also the intensity of leader's schedules, this coaching works generally best with a virtual forum with visual augment to build the ready access and intimacy with the group.

Group Coaching

There is a big difference between having strategies and being strategic.  If you are operating off a strategic plan you are tactically operating.  You are being strategic when you are enabled to readily adapt in real time.  The plans you have serve as the foundation to make the jump.  Over the years have found that most planning is focused on identifying "things" that need to get done to produce key results for the future.  What is missing from planning is the human dimensions of becoming better thinkers and enablers.  When strategic planning includes these elements it enables momentum, strategic learning, adaption, adoption and resiliency.

VIP Coaching 

Linda's VIP Coaching is or senior leaders who want to have access to strategic advise and a sounding board.  This level of coaching is expensive and can only be offered to a select few. 

Having first met at The Coaches Training Institute as her instructor, I've known and worked with Linda over many years. In a field known for its passion-pursuing, I have noted few who in that pursuit bring the level of dedication to her personal excellence as Linda. She's a devoted, learned and skilled professional executive coach with broad range and depth of experience. Linda is one of astonishing achievement herself yet while her personal story is truly fascinating and triumphant (I hope you get to hear her tell it one day), what continuously absorbs Linda is her keen and caring interest in people. She brings her creative perceptive mind with intensity and humility to those who entrust her with their personal development and the success of their enterprise. 

Truly standout is Linda's quiet integrity and understated ability, traits that draw those she meets and works with to want to learn from her and strive to excel in areas that are of significant stretch. At her core, this seems to be Linda's truest motivation: to help us recognize ourselves as great, capable, and honorable..and to thrill ourselves going beyond our own "edge." Linda's exceptional integrity makes her an honest champion. She has a refreshing sense of humor to boot.

Camilla Rogers

Co-Active Coach Trainer

Sacramento, California

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