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Consulting Services  Linda can provide to you

Linda believes that speaking is the ideal platform to champion leaders and organizations to think differently and be inspired to take action on things that can change their world immediately.  More info....


"The time to work on an emergency is not when you are in it.  If you want to truly Lead at the Edge you must prime yourself to do so."   

Cultural Change and Evolution

We offer individual, team and organizational large scale coaching.  We are experienced at coaching virtually globally which enables reaching leaders readily with ease and convenience for the leader to adjust to their changing work dynamic.  More info....

Mindset and mindfulness are buzz words and concepts that are floating in the leadership space.  The truth is that no single mindset can enable an organization to perform optimally.  It is a combination of mindsets that must work together as a team.  This is an area of Linda's personal thought leadership that she first wrote on in her book "Piloting Your Edge."  Since authoring that book over 10 years ago, she has worked with leaders and teams seeing this approach bring them a renewed sense of clarity.  An example of how she has worked with organizations is with shaping how they leverage global, international and regional mindsets so they can flow between them in real time. 

Leadership Philosophy

Culture is a dynamic system which includes systems, processes,attitudes, desires, behaviors, elements which command focus and elements that do not command focus which should.  What is essential for leaders and organizations is to build their mastery with how they learn about their culture and evolve it with daily practices so that their culture deliberately gets better every day with decisiveness.  With this approach cultural success is not an accident; rather an expectation.

Most business cultures have metrics that attach to achieving their business toplines and bottomlines.  Linda's approach is to build the competency of leaders to shape their actions and communications as drivers of achieving metrics more deliberately.  In the intensity of today's pace of operations being deliberate is essential to focus, efficiency and effectiveness.

Mindset Shaping

Philosophy in and of itself is a concept that is thousands of years old.  That said, the mastery of how to leverage philosophy to operationalize critical results is an artform and a mastery.  I have come to realize that most leaders and often teams need to be coached on how to build their philosophies as a tool and catalyst that they leverage to guide themselves and their organizations with clarity and precision excellence.  

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