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Speaking Services  Linda can provide to you

Linda  has had a lifelong passion with “Edge.” She has pushed the edge of the envelope as a Test Pilot, a Navy Squadron Commander  and in her work as an Executive Coach with helping others claim their ”Edge.”  The models and principles she shares in her speaking and books originated from  30 years of reflection on her narrow survival of an aircraft accident at the onset of her flying career.  Her gratitude for her survival, passion for leading with integrity and desire to offer the gifts of her experience to others has emerged into the wisdom she  generously offers. 


Topics Linda Frequently Speaks About:

  • Perception Power

  • Leading at the Edge

  • Making Leadership Easy and Doable

  • Goals to Dreams (Youth)

  • Calibrate Your Philosophy to 20-20 Foresight

  • Taking Charge of Your Glass Ceiling

Partial List of Past Speaking Engagements

  • Runge Inc.

  • Acumen International International

  • Arizona Women’s Conference

  • ASTD

  • Baltic Defense College Distinguished Lecturer

  • Estonia United States Swim School Association

  • National Association Professional Women

  • Society of Consulting Psychology Midwinter Conference

Books  Authored by Linda

  • Piloting Your Edge: Your Edge Performance Operator’s Manual 

  • Amazon #1 International Best Seller:  Perception Power

Featured Thought Leader in Several Books

  • Leadership Tips from Real Leaders  

  • Enlightened Power: How Women are Transforming the Practice of Leadership  

  • Leading Organizations from the Inside Out

Credentials and Education

  • U.S. Navy Test Pilot School Graduate

  • Associate Member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots

  • Coached over 1000 leaders as an Executive Coach

  • U.S. Navy’s Third Woman Test Pilot

  • Operational Squadron Commanding Officer

  • Featured on CNN as One of the First Women Naval Aviators

  • Featured in the Best Selling Children's Video “There Goes an Airplane”

  • M.S. Aviation Systems, University of Tennessee Space Institute

  • B.S.E in Systems Science and Engineering

  • University of Pennsylvania, Distinguished Graduate (9th in 20 years)

"The time to work on an emergency is not when you are in it.  If you want to truly Lead at the Edge you must prime yourself to do so."   

“...fascinating  and inspirational. Her story is one you definitely won’t want to miss.”

                                                                                 Dwight Strole                            

                                                                                 Financial Executive, California

“...Inspirational and authentic... it stimulated changes in behaviors that were embedded into the DNA of leaders and their businesses.”


                                                                                  Greg Loudoun

                                                                                  President and Founder Acumen International

                                                                                  Brisbane, Australia

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